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COVID-19 Tests for Travellers

We offer COVID-19 testing for travelling outside of Canada. Our RT-PCR test provide reliable results within 12 to 30 hours. 

The COVID-19 RT PCR is a molecular test which detects infection of SARS-CoV-2 virus in samples. Samples are collected by using a swab from nose or throat. The test is positive if the person has COVID-19.

Testing options for Travellers

Travelers should book an appointment by calling the lab or by booking online. The results can by available on the same day of next day. 

Testing Charges:

1. Same day results (samples must be taken before 12 noon): $120.00

2. Next day result (available before 7 PM): $90.00

This service is for asymptomatic travelers only.
If you  have COVID-19 symptoms or infection, contact Alberta Health Service. 

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